In our latest podcast episode, Hans Schrei explains how he and husband Luis Gramajo immigrated from Guatemala in 2019, built a $5 million ecommerce business, and chose a marketing strategy.
Without one, Steven Wilkinson argues, your entrepreneurial experience is likely to be “stressful, exhausting, and unprofitable.”
Do You Know Your Core Values?In our most recent podcast episode, Sarah Segal asked whether it's worth articulating core values. Do employees care? Do clients? Both Shawn Bus…
And could a looming recession mean "more butts in seats" and an end to the move toward remote work?
Since the pandemic, swearing has been seen increasingly as a sign of intelligence. Just don’t overdo it.
Two decades ago, Gary Erickson decided to walk away from $120 million because he didn’t want to give up control of Clif Bar. Now he’s come to a…
In our latest 21 Hats Podcast episode, the owners discuss the value in articulating values. Do employees care? Do clients care?
More than 60 percent of CEOs expect a recession in the next 12 to 18 months.
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