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In the past, mostly due to geographical proximity, we were forced to use Zoom to conduct virtual interviews. No matter how much time we put into the the interviewing procress...in EVERY case (a sample size of about 10)..the person we hired turned out to be a bad fit (mostly culturally)...

In trying to examine the "what went wrong?"...I have concluded that the new employee never quite bought into our company's culture and often felt isolated from the rest of the team (including those members of our team that currently work remotely).

Today...we only hire local people (almost exclusively from local universities), have them live inside our culture for 12 months or so...then allow them (or ask them) to re-locate.

During their first year "under roof" they are provided constant training and feedback. It also allows the new hire to become immersed into our culture. For us and the employee, this new system has proved significantly more successful...and when they do leave "the nest" they feel like they are fully ready and have found a lot of success in their position, regardless if they now reside in N. America, Asia or Europe.

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Thanks for sharing, Jim. This is really interesting -- and obviously it is tremendously relevant to our current situation.

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