Should Citibin Try to Get into Costco?

Last week, 21 Hats contributor Liz Reisch Picarazzi wrote about whether she should continue to sell Citibin’s waste enclosures and package lockers direct-to-consumer only or should she try to go through a mass retailer: “As I look to scale my business, I’ve become curious again about selling in Costco. But it does raise some questions: Should I knock off my own product with a lower-priced version? What exactly would I have to do to get into Costco? And how would this help or hurt my brand?”

Liz also wrote: “The low-cost prototype is on hold until I figure out what’s involved with getting into Costco. It could be a ton of work for limited profit, and it could cannibalize our existing sales. Or it could be the way to scale nationwide. I’d love to hear from 21 Hats readers who have successfully broken into Costco or other Big Box stores. How did you pitch your product to them? What did it do to your margins? How are they to work with?”

What do you think?