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Our clients are all having issues. And, it's forced us to come up with some "out of the box" strategies.

First, we're looking outside of our industry. We're primarily looking for attitude, aptitude and core values. And, we're willing to train for skills, except when a license is required (doctor, hygienist).

Second, we're no longer looking at the traditional sources like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Craig's list etc.. That's where everyone else is going.

Instead, we're using some of the same marketing strategies we use for new patient acquisition, for new employee acquisition.

One of those is geo-targeting on Facebook with ads that drive traffic to a landing page that promotes the practice.

Who are we geo targeting? Other dental practices, especially the large corporate ones that might not have the HOMEY environment that our smaller clients offer.

We're no longer satisfied to look for people who themselves are looking for employment. We're looking to offer those who might NOT be looking, a vision of upwards mobility and a more comfortable environment. We're promoting HOME, SECURITY AND HAPPINESS.

Third, we're looking to our existing patient (customer) base as well, incentivizing them to refer prospects while also driving traffic to the landing page. The goal is to broaden the network.

Fourth, we're offering higher bonuses to existing team members for new employee referrals.

I hope this helps y'all. And, I'm willing to discuss some of the specifics of the above strategies and how to promote your UEP (Unique Employment Proposition) with anyone who wants. Just email Loren. He has my contact info.

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As with almost everything we do at Triad Components, we're playing the long-game building the platform brick-by-brick so are still using a lot of the same methods that we've been successful with in the past...

This includes:

Campus recruiting...almost all of our new hires are recent graduates mainly with MBAs and/or other advanced degrees...TCG is very involved at many different levels at our local universities (graduate-level projects, internships, mentoring, research projects, on-campus interviewing, guest lecturing, etc.) so we've managed to build a strong brand awareness with professors, administrators and students as to who we are, where we are going, and what we are looking for.

Professional networking...we use our outside vendors and other professionals, such as our CPA firm, attorneys, insurance agents, payroll consultants, marketing consultants, IT consultants to help bird-dog us to possible candidates (whether or not we have an opening at the time). We are also making recommendations to them in a reciprocal way should we come across a good potential hire for them.

Awards and accolades...you'd be amazed as to how many unsolicited resumes I get when people see us on the Inc. 5000, the FT 500, SDBJ "Best Places to Work" or Forbes Small Giants (Loren, I can never thank you enough). Maybe that's the reason a company like Southwest Airlines gets a 1000 applications for every job opening (not that we're even close to comparing ourselves with a company like SWA). Again...this is all part of the long-game.

Lastly, once we have a great candidate in front of us, we absolutely know how to sell them. We are a selling organization after all so we do a pretty good job with selling ourselves. It doesn't hurt that we pay VERY well (not necessarily on the front-end...but if they can prove themselves...they can be earning 2-5 times what they can earn somewhere else...and we're selling that dream) plus we have a great package of benefits that we offer (such as lucrative profit-sharing, tons of training, and ESOP ownership)...and because of these "golden-handcuffs" we rarely lose anyone once they are "indoctrinated" to our team approach (sounds like a cult...but it isn't really...more like they become their own company within the framework of a bigger company)

It seems to be working for us...

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