Can We Talk?

Two weeks ago, I asked you in a survey if you'd be interested in sharing your entrepreneurial journey with the 21 Hats community. Most of you said, Yes. Well, here's your first chance.

Step one is to help me get to know you better. I’m always looking for people to highlight in articles, podcasts, and interviews. And I’m always looking to learn more about the needs of our subscribers. Suppose we start with this. In the comment section below, please tell me:

Company name. Type of business. Some sense of its size (employees, revenue range if you’re comfortable). And then as briefly as possible, give us any combination you wish of what makes your business special, what this past year has been like, what questions you are trying to answer, and what challenges you are confronting. Please, no soliciting.

Thanks in advance for taking the time. I’m confident we will all learn a lot.

— Loren Feldman