Do You Know Any Entrepreneurs Who Struggle?

Do you know any entrepreneurs who don’t occasionally struggle? That’s why we started 21 Hats. If you’re getting something out of 21 Hats—whether from the daily newsletter, the weekly podcast, the interviews with entrepreneurs, the timely articles—you probably know someone else who would see value in what we do.

The mission of 21 Hats is to connect and support the 99 percent of business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t take venture capital, who generally don’t get featured in the media, who don’t always know where to turn in a pinch. The mission is to build a community of owners who can compare notes, share their wins and losses, and learn from each other. And of course, the more people who join the community, the more we all learn.

Consider this: No one who runs a business has time to waste. No one wakes up thinking they need another newsletter clogging their in-box or another podcast they’re not sure when they will find time to listen to. So how do we break through? The best way I know is through a recommendation from someone else in the trenches. Someone like you.

Here are a few unsolicited testimonials I’ve received from 21 Hats subscribers:

“Listening to The 21Hats Podcast is a therapeutic ritual while cooking dinner on Wednesday nights. It’s the only podcast I listen to religiously.” — Liz Picarazzi, Citibin

“I absolutely love 21 Hats. The morning newsletter is phenomenal. I consume news for a living and nearly every day you post a story or an angle to a business issue I wasn’t aware of. This past year the podcast has been a real lifeline for me. As a small business owner I went through such an extreme range of emotions dealing with the pandemic, listening to your show and relating to and identifying with nearly everything Dana, Paul, Jay and the rest talked about made me feel so much better. I introduced my Vistage group to the podcast and everyone was floored.” — Dan Kahn, Khan Media

“I’m addicted to The 21 Hats Podcast. I almost wish it was a daily show.” — Jim Kalb, CEO, Triad Components Group

“Damn it, Loren. I’m really busy and I always want to read your report.” — Rob Levin, CEO, RSL Media

Would you consider forwarding this email with your own recommendation to three people you know who are running businesses and who might benefit from being part of this community? 

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