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May 26, 2021Liked by Loren Feldman

Interesting that the spotlight is on FedEx, but there's no mention of Amazon.

I live in a tiny village with the weirdest house numbering system ever, something that happened seemingly haphazardly over the last 50 years. My house # is 16C, I live next to 17C on one side, but 41C on the other side. Across the street is 12H, and down the street (all of two houses) is 2H. Behind me is 9C, but that house is on a different street.

I'll give all the credit in the world to any driver who can deliver something to one of us correctly, even with the maps we now provide at every entrance, because there are 265 cottages on 16 streets, and all the streets have that kind of "makes no sense" numbering.

I know that Amazon drivers seem to struggle the most, probably because they don't seem to be the same folks each time. Too often boxes are dropped at a house on a street apparently just to get rid of them; we're all learning to check every box we see on anyone's doorstep to ensure it's in the right place.

The UPS drivers seem to be the best, maybe because they are consistently the same ones here day after day. I've always received my packages from them, although once or twice a package delivered by either FedEx or Amazon has landed on my doorstep but belonged to someone else right nearby.

And yes, we've all seen a huge increase in the numbers, for sure!

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