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There are several corporate-sponsored cards that are available from the bigs (BOA, Chase and Citibank, as well as AMEX) for various business services. MCS uses a Chase card for Marriott and a BOA card for "general points" (usually redeemable for Amazon gift cards) that has worked well for over 15 years. We started using a Citibank card for American air in 2019, but that idea went bust when March 2020 came around and effectively grounded travel. The take-away here is get the best deal for your company. If you're looking at travel/hotel, you really must stay loyal to a single brand if you want it to pay off for you in the end.

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Also...there is a new IOS app available from The Points Guy (TPG) that allows you to enter in your credit card information - albeit not actual cc numbers...but the rather the type (Amex Gold...Citi Aadvange...Chase Sapphire Preferred etc.) and they will tell you which card you should use before making a purchase to maximize credit card points (based on their own point valuation...since points are not created equal). It's new and very glitchy so far...but a great concept.

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I may be totally wrong...but I believe that the 4-point deal is on UPS "retail" rates only...for years I've been trying to pay my freight bills (UPS / FedEx / DHL etc) using a credit card only to be told that commercial rates don't apply because of the extreme discounts already applied to my rates...

I'm very much hoping that I am wrong and can begin paying my freight bills (upwards of $100K / mo.) by credit card (even at 1X points)

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