Commenting on the podcast episode.

Regarding Laura's challenges: I don't think this is an issue with 'hiring' but more of the alignment of strategy. What you have now is huge momentum from the past strategy and the "develop your own website ground-up" strategy worked really well for about a decade (in my opinion). The world has changed. Plus, added the extra layer that the key lead on this strategy was a founder, ex what William was saying.

Now a days most companies will take a base business system and integrate with other solutions. I would say you should look at an Inventory System and cloud ecommerce like Shopify. Its scary to make a strategy change, but I think you'll be much happier overall. If you wanted some perspective I'd be happy to lend it.

Take care.

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Feb 17, 2021Liked by Loren Feldman

Thanks, Israel! You must be reading my mind (or i'm reading yours!)... Right after we taped the podcast, Doug and I took a walk with the dogs and discussed this very idea of yours! In short, what you described above is the path that we're on for 2021... he's working on an API for our system, we've hired a couple of young newbies for him to train, and we are going to try and outsource some functionality in the future! Yay! I feel so much better!

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