UPDATE: My Vision for 21 Hats

First of all, thanks to everyone who signed up. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The good news is that I have quite a few more Founding Members than I expected, and I’m really excited to get started with our mastermind sessions. I’ll let you know more about that very soon. (If you have’t seen my subscription announcement, it’s here.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten as many Paid Subscribers as I’d hoped. As I said initially, this is a test. I’m kind of trying to have my cake and eat it, too. I’m asking people to pay for the Morning Report on a voluntary basis — leaving it available for free in the hope that that will make it easier for new readers to discover it. That may have been a tad unrealistic. We’re all busy. None of us are looking to do things we don’t really have to do. And we’re not used to paying for something that others get for free. I can’t really say for certain what I would have done if offered the same choice.

In any case, I’ll probably make a decision in the coming weeks but my guess is that I will have to put up a paywall and force people to pay if they want to read the Morning Report. Over the years, I’ve had many conversations about the fact that business plans tend to require adjustment once they hit the market. And now I’m experiencing that first hand, which is part of the reason I wanted to take this leap.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment section below. If you’re ready to subscribe, you can do that as well. Thank you all!