What Have You Learned About Marketing?

My sense is that there is nothing business owners struggle with more than they do with marketing. There are just too many options, platforms, tactics, and self-appointed gurus. And there’s no guarantee that what works for one business will also work for another. And just when you do think you’ve got something figured out, the algorithm changes.

Yesterday we published what I think is one of the more interesting and authentic conversations I’ve heard about marketing (transcript and video). The basic thrust of the talk is that the place to start is not with platforms and tactics; it’s with understanding what’s special about your business. And yes, there has to be something special, something worth marketing, but there usually is—even in the least glamorous of businesses.

That approach has worked in some surprising ways for the two owners in the conversation. For example, it has attracted job candidates as well as customers. But it’s just one approach.

What have you figured out recently about your marketing?