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I always ask owners how many employees they have and what are there annual revenues. Revs/employee is a very simple calculation and tells you something about how the business operates.

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Just a few of the questions I'm pondering at this moment:

Do you establish a plan and goals for the year? Written? Tracked?

Tips for working with a spouse or other family? Particularly a spouse!

At what point did your business offer health insurance to employees? Relatedly, how does insurance through the Affordable Care Act compare to private insurance?

What are the considerations for enabling employees to earn/buy equity in the company?

How to handle a bogus lawsuit or unemployment claim?

What expenses that are partially personal (car, phone, travel) do you put on the business?

Have you ever hired an SEO person who delivered timely and consistent results?

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Q: Who drives the culture in your company...you (the business owner and/or chief executive or others members of your team? Can a business ever get to the point where the leaders are not the ones sitting on top of the corporate pyramid but rather the rank-and-file members of the team?

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What is the calculation for # of employees considering that some are part-time and Obamacare defines full-time as 30 hours but most would consider 40 hours full-time?

How many employees do the companies compared have?

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