Freakonomics radio recently did a two-part series on the topic, "Does advertising actually work"? The second part focused on digital advertising and presented persuasive evidence, through natural experiements, that the impact of digital advertising was marginal at best. I wrote about it here: https://jamesbreiner.com/economists-ask-does-advertising-actually-work/

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Jan 31, 2022Liked by Loren Feldman

I sure never figured it out and gave up a year or so ago. Used to spend $2k+ a month with Google. Spent all my time eliminating unrelated search terms that were taking up basically my entire budget. Just could never get it to work to find what for me are essentially needles in haystacks. It may just not be the right thing for my company, but the amount of waste if you're not INCREDIBLY disciplined and knowledgable seems insane. It does feed the ego though to see your name at the top. Interesting psychological study.

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Feb 1, 2022Liked by Loren Feldman

How do you do digital ads right?

(A Digital Marketer's Perspective)

Talk to an agency that gives a damn about your business and not just your checkbook. If you don't think they care, move on. Develop a checklist for selecting an agency and don't do an RFP (not enough space for me to share why).

Ask how the agency works to build trust/rapport. Ask how they define strategy! Hint: "buy more ads" is not strategy. Ask how they set goals and realistic expectations.

Hire an agency that will be honest with you above all else - be prepared to learn that your baby is ugly.

A good partner tells you when your site won't convert, when your creative isn't creative, when your data is suspect or when your budget is meant for model rockets vs moon shots.

That same good partner sets realistic expectations before they begin. Here's the thing, if you spent $50k and got no results, an agency won't be able to flip a switch to prosperity. It takes time and patience.

So many more things to say...so little real estate. I'm happy to share more thoughts, ideas, checklists. If anyone is interested, please whistle at Loren or add another little ❤️.

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