What's Worked for You with Digital Ads?

In a recent 21 Hats Podcast episode, Liz Picarazzi told us that she had foresworn further paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Here’s the full quote:

“This is a bad subject for me, but I have some resolution on it. I dabbled with paid ads in 2021, as I always have in previous years. And finally, in looking at my 2021 results on different things I spent on marketing, I made the decision that I’m never gonna do a Google ad, Facebook ad, or Instagram ad again. The only way I would do it—and I’m actually open to this, and maybe even some 21 Hats listeners can convince me of this—is that I would need someone to tell me, ‘How do you do this right?’ Because I’ve paid people to do it. I’ve tried to do it myself. There are definitely a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. So I made this decision, and I felt like it kind of took a lot of spending in order to come to that decision, which I don’t like. But it was a firm decision, and I declared it to the team last week.”

Thoughts anyone? How do you do digital ads right?